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As the holidays approach, think back to when you were a child and of the happy memories you may have of spending time with a loving, supportive family — times filled with caring adults, delicious food, toys, and fun. That’s the feeling every child should have at this time of year. Sadly, for too many kids the holidays bring extra stress — wondering where they will go when school is out or if they will have food to eat.
It’s like having a second “home,” complete with an extended family and that wonderful feeling of belonging and security. This is the feeling that 2,000 children received right here at Boys & Girls Club of Cascade County in 2015. There are kids who need a place like this all over Cascade County, that need this feeling. We work to reach as many as possible.

Last year's impact numbers:

Your gift today will help kids in our community know how deeply valued they are. Give the gift of a Great Future this holiday season. Your money has greater impact than you might think:
Open the Door ($20)
Club membership is $20 annually. Why not give the give of opportunity to a child this holiday season? Open the door that can lead to their Great Future.
One Year of Afterschool ($200)
By covering the monthly program fee costs for a Club member you ensure they can attend the Club the entire school year. Our Clubs are working to remove financial barriers to opportunity that our area youth face by providing scholarships for Club programs.
Mentoring and Life Changing Programs ($500)
Our Clubs offer a variety of programs each year to help our members choose and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These include programs designed to prevent substance use and abuse, early sexual activity, and diabetes. Provide the resources & youth development professionals needed to run targeted prevention programs.
Core Services ($1000)
Provide for key services such as transportation to after school programs for at risk youth and for our core academic success program, Power Hour. Help ensure they can get here every afternoon and receive academic support when they arrive.
Please don’t wait.
Your gift today will give a child in our own backyard a second home this holiday season — a home that’s safe, loving and committed to helping them grow into caring, productive citizens who will give back to our community.
Thank you so much for your support, and best wishes for a joyous holiday season.
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